Drumming & Dreaming (Paperback)

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Drumming & Dreaming Algonquian Tales of the Eastern Woodland Native Americans - primarily the Nipmuc Tribe.Award-winning writer, Larry Spotted Crow Mann skillfully brings forth the Oral Tradition in this brilliantly woven Collection of Legends, that beckon the Spirit of the Land, and the Ancient Voices that still have so much to Teach us all. All Lovers of Native American legends, culture, and history will be vividly inspired and thrilled to add this captivating book to their collection. The Art of Native American Story Telling has been passed down for thousands of years. They give life and meaning to everything in the Universe. They show us lessons of Love, courage, kindness, respect, humility, truth, and wisdom. We learn the skills to interact with our environment as a living being and codify those teachings within our own existence. These legends also represent the unknown, the Magic, and that things are not always as they seem. Sometimes, a Tale is shared just for a good laugh. But at the very roots, it's all about the Healing Power that these messages carry. In Drumming & Dreaming, that Healing Power is called upon by Crow. He has suffered a great tragedy - he cannot find his Dream. When Bear sees his winged friend in distress, he comes to his aid. As you accompany Crow and Bear on this Quest, the beauty, mystery, and wonder of Turtle Island mightily reveals itself. Through the voice of Crow and guidance of Bear, Mother Earth, once again, speaks in the language of the Indigenous People of North America. CrowStorm Publishing 2017(c)

About the Author

Larry Spotted Crow Mann is an award-winning writer/poet, performer, Nipmuc cultural educator, Story Teller and Citizen of the Nipmuc Tribe. He travels throughout the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe, to schools, colleges, Pow Wows, and other organizations sharing the music, culture, and history of Nipmuc people. In 2010, his poetry won a competition in the Memescapes Journal of Fine Arts. In 2013, his poetry was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Mann's Tales from the Whispering Basket is an Internationally-acclaimed and compelling collection of short stories and poetry that has received excellent reviews. His ground-breaking novel, The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving won the 2015 WordCraft Circle of Native American Writers Award. Among his other important work, Mann has worked in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in creating the booklet "Coming Home: A Guide to Help in the Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse of Native American Youth." And the follow up book: Circle Tied to Mother Earth Mann contributed to the book "Stories of Educational Journeys: Indigenous - Learning & Socio-Cultural Approach in Education" by Kathleen Noyes, Ed.D. Mann was applauded for his role in the PBS Native American film, "We Shall Remain," directed by Chris Eyre. Also featured in two documentaries and Winner of the NPS 2007 Award for Interpretive Media "Living in Two Worlds: Native American Experiences on the Boston Harbor Islands," and "First Patriots," produced by Aaron Cadieux. Most recently, Mann was featured in X-MEN- The New Mutants, directed by Josh Boone, due to be released April 2018 Furthermore, Mann has worked in the field of Human Services for over 13 years, mostly in the field of Mental Health and helping our at-risk youth. Published materials Include: * Poetry in "Memescapes Journal of Fine Arts" at Quinsigamond College * Various Articles in Indian Country Today Magazine * Contributing Work in the Book "New England on Fire," by Margaret Barton, * "Native American Anthology of New England: Dawn Land Voices University of Nebraska Press * Charles River Journal * Go Green Conference for the Medical Services Administration of Puerto Rico * WordCraft Circle of Native American Writers * "My Heart Is Red Project: A Journey Across the United States and Canada," Photography and Video of Native Americans, by Mayoke Photography For more information or to order a book go to: www.whisperingbasket.com

Product Details
ISBN: 9781977660923
ISBN-10: 1977660924
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 16th, 2017
Pages: 132
Language: English

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